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Workload Management and WLM Policy

Not only in peak situations can outdated definitions in the WLM policy lead to a shift in priorities during the processing of the workload. Not always in favor of the time-critical transactions and thus to undesirable effects.

When was the last time your daily business allowed you to compare the achievement of the Goals from your current WLM Policy with reality?

We perform a detailed analysis of your workload based on SMF data. We systematically examine the achievement of the goals set in the WLM policy and develop optimization proposals. Taking into account soft capping, capacity groups, WLM resource groups, absolute capping, LPAR weights and hardware limits.

We document and present these proposals, which are based on your current data. In a joint iterative process, we accompany you in the implementation and verification of the measures.

Sounds time-consuming and complicated? But it’s not!

R4HA or already on TFP?

Are you billing R4HA (Advanced Workload License Charging or Country Multiplex Pricing), planning to switch to TFP – Tailored Fit Pricing or have you already been confronted with the switch?

Each of these IBM accounting methods has its own capacity planning, monitoring and accounting requirements.

In all cases, or even during the changeover, we can support you with our many years of experience in IBM pricing.

Controlled capacity planning based on the R4HA can be reliably implemented using conventional methods. Since its introduction, group capacity, defined capacity, absolute capping for individual LPARs and a combination of these options have proven their worth. Statically or supported by a tool also dynamically.

This has given you the ability to control and keep your monthly Sub Capacity Report (SCRT) transparent and thus the monthly invoice from IBM for many years!

However, this approach, the controlled limitation of consumption with conventional capping methods, is not completely eliminated with TFP. In order not to reach hardware limits, it is necessary to regulate time-uncritical LPARs such as development before the expected peak times. Also 3rd party products require control as long as the contracts are based on “MIPS on the floor” or R4HA.

Hard- and Software Capacity Management

Are you planning to upgrade your hardware to a new generation? We advise you on the planning and dimensioning of the new machines.

What effect do more power and number of processors have on performance? Does the consumption decrease with the new hardware? How long can I cover the demand with the new configuration without upgrading?

z/OS capacity management and planning is one of our core competencies. We analyze your current workload and the settings you have made for optimized billing for MLC. The goal of our analysis is to work out and show further possibilities to stabilize or reduce the operating costs. Both for AWLC/CMP and for TFP.

You are with an external service provider (outsourcing) and want to know if you are getting what you pay for? We help you and ensure transparency.

z/OS Architecture and Infrastructure

Firefighting: Things are not running as they should, especially after a hardware upgrade, changeover or expansion within your infrastructure? We help you to identify the root causes and work out solutions.

Dynamic Soft Capping

Do you use expert tools to manage your z/OS landscape dynamically via soft capping with the help of a tool? We are undisputedly the world’s number one experts in the use of DCI©, Dynamic Capacity Intelligence and zPrice Manager© (zPM).

We advise you on how to optimize your consumption with a dedicated study based on your current and historical consumption data. We evaluate your current and create new DCI© policies to meet your requirements – including know-how transfer.

You are a user of zPM© and want to initiate an action on your systems in a certain situation? Our know-how of many years also in this area can support you. We develop the appropriate REXX script that covers your requirement – including knowledge transfer.

We also help you with the migration or replacement of capacity management products of all kinds – keyword TFP.

(DCI and zPM are products of CA Technologies a Broadcom Company).